Print Conductor 7.1 Crack + Portable Free Download With [Patch & Key]

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Print Conductor 7.1 Crack + Portable Free Download With [Patch & Key]

Free Picture Conductor 7.1 is a useful program to automatically print a large number of documents. It allows you to quickly compile an inventory of the records you want to write, eliminating the need to send each text individually.

Print Conductor Premium is a solution that intelligently prints to multiple documents and images simultaneously. This elegant tool can save you time if you are likely to open and print a significant number of files.

Picture Conductor Pro can print large volumes of PDF files, Microsoft Office files: Word, Succeed, Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher, Autodesk AutoCAD, text files, images, and many other types of files. It is fundamental and simple for the need to print

When printing many types of files with a few clicks if you frequently print documents, Print Conductor can help. The system allows you to print PDFs, text and image files, images, technical drawings and a number suitable for documents. We were proud to provide a fresher and more stable variation from the tenant.

Print Conductor For Mac is Windows, a lightweight application designed to help users create an inventory of documents to be printed immediately.

To be sure, Print Conductor Latest provides simple but efficient computer software that allows you to print multiple files. It can be effortlessly installed and configured by all types of users, regardless of experience level.

More Information About Print Conductor 7.1:

The printed wire supports 26 types of files, including PDF, DOC and DOCX, XLS and XLSX, PPT and PPTX, VSD, PUB, DXF and DWG, ODT, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, DCX and BMP, XPS, SVG, TXT, WRI, RTF and HTML. The system offers full control of the printing process, showing only how many documents are printed and how many remain. As soon as the printing is complete, he must compose a detailed report. Print Conductor works with many contemporary printer models and can also print on neighborhood, system and digital printers.

Automated Printing of 26 Files Types

  • Source Documents, Supports printing  Adobe® PDF files Microsoft® Word DOC & DOCX documents. Excel XLS and XLSX spreadsheets, PowerPoint PPT & PPTX presentations, Visio VSD drawings, Publisher PUB files, Autodesk AutoCAD® DXF and DWG drawings, OpenOffice ODT papers, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, DCX and BMP images, XPS, SVG, TXT, WRI, RTF and HTML files.

Control of the Printing Process

  • At every moment the individual knows how documents that are many been printed and how many remain in the queue. Any records that failed to reproduce are reported to your user. After processing the list that is entire of.

Help for All Printer Types

  • printers-icons-140Print Conductor can print papers on virtually any printer: local printers, network printers or printers that are digital. Additionally, the consumer can adjust the settings associated with printer that is selected. You can convert a range of documents to PDF, TIFF or JPEG in a case.

Help for Document Lists

  • Add documents to a list drag that is using a drop, the “Open file” dialog, or automatically scan a chosen folder and its subfolders for particular documents kinds. Sort documents by file type or name, preview them before publishing, and print a subset of the papers in the list. Document lists can be saved to register for subsequent reuse.

Easy to Install, Understand and Use

  • 123cubesPrint Conductor has a natural interface that is intuitive. It’s compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows. So you can start documents that are printing after setting up the program.

One Interface for Different Document Types

  • Print Conductor offers an interface that is original printing and transforming various types of documents. You will perhaps not encounter any problems – even in a case, the system administrator installs a version that is new Office or Autodesk AutoCAD.


Features Of Print Conductor 7.1

Added Rows Number column for easier navigation through Record of papers.

We added a line that is new Rows Number. This function allows to automatically number all lines that are new the List of Documents. Rows Number could be switched on or off, like other columns in the “Show/hide columns” menu. This feature could be useful if you handle long lists of documents.

Print Conductor 5.6.1711.24170

Added power to print several slides of a PowerPoint presentation file on the web page that is same


You will place a presentation that is numerous on one sheet of paper when printing MS Powerpoint PPT or PPTX files. Select between 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9 slides per page. To print slides that are several one page, go to Advanced Settings and tackle this function by opening Ini File Editor (Ctrl+Alt+i). Then get the relative line”Ppt_Potype” and set its value to:

Ppt_Potype=1          1 slipper page

Ppt_Potype=2          2 slides per page

Ppt_Potype=3          3 slides per page

Ppt_Potype=8          4 slides per web page

Ppt_Potype=4          6 slides per page

Ppt_Potype=9          9 slides per page

Print Conductor 5.6.1711.24170

Fixed and improved PDF printing engine

The PDF printing module of Print Conductor 5.6 has some improvements and fixes under the bonnet. They truly are associated with image rendering and processing:

  • Fixed to render PDF files to PNG for “Print as image” mode
  • the issue that is fixed 1-Bit PNG image rendering
  • the problem that is fixed bad clipping rendering
  • the issue that is fixed inline-image parsing

Improved English and Swedish interface translation

English and Swedish translations regarding the program have been corrected by our users that are experienced. Now the terms and menus tend to be more accurate. By the way in which, we’d appreciate us find out about any flaws in translation to your native language if you let.

Fixed issue inability to print documents and cover pages on paper from different printer trays

With Print Conductor, it is possible to send documents to one printer tray, but report and address pages – to another one (Settings > Common > “Paper source for additional pages”). An issue with data communication to the printer that is different could occur in earlier versions of Print Conductor. This is not any longer an issue.

Fixed bug in Microsoft PowerPoint automation code

In some instances, Microsoft Powerpoint API failed whenever PowerPoint window that is mainly hidden.

Now the system’s window is just minimized in the taskbar and PPT and PPTX files automation that is printing even more reliable.

Fixed bug in Microsoft succeed automation code

Similar to an issue that is past in some cases Microsoft Excel API failed when Excel’s main window was hidden. Now, this program’s window is minimized merely within the taskbar and XLS and XLSX files works which can be processing more dependable.

Fixed issue with “Choose paper source by document web page size” feature

In Print Conductor you can enable “Choose paper source by document web page size” into the settings that are common. It enables Print Conductor to pick a printer automatically tray which fits most useful according to the document’s page size. This particular feature did not work precisely with specific printers; now it is more stable.

What’s new in publications of  Print Conductor 7.1:


  • Added Rows Number column for easier navigation through the record of papers
  • Added ability to print several slides of  PowerPoint presentation file on the web page that is same


  • Fixed and improved PDF printing engine
  • Improved English and Swedish interface translation


  • the issue that is fixed ability to print documents and cover pages on different printer trays
  • a bug that is fixed Microsoft PowerPoint automation code
  • a bug that is fixed Microsoft Excel automation code
  • the issue that is set “Choose paper source by document web page size” feature

Conclusion About Print Conductor 7.1

It’s Very Useful Tool.

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